Top news for 2022-11-14

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Genetic Factor? Honey Bee Life Spans 50% Shorter Now Compared to 50 Years Ago

The International Community Must Prioritize COVID Treatment and Test Access

Betelgeuse's mysterious 'Great Dimming' may have been triggered by a wandering black hole

Hemp may get cows high, but will their milk do the same to you?

Brain Zaps Helped These Two Patients Get on Top of Their Binge Eating

On This Day In Space: Nov. 18, 2013: NASA launches MAVEN orbiter to Mars

Space calendar 2022: Rocket launches, sky events, missions & more!

NASA's Artemis 1 moon mission: Live updates

Discover the top exercise bikes on sale over Black Friday

Watch NASA's Artemis 1 moon rocket launch on Nov. 16 online for free