Top news for 2022-10-19

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Interstellar object 'Oumuamua still puzzling scientists 5 years after discovery

The most precise accounting yet of dark energy and dark matter

Investigators Identify Environmental Factors That Increase Risk of Inflammatory Bowel Disease

NASA's Webb Takes Star-Filled Portrait of Pillars of Creation

The Asteroid That Killed the Dinosaurs Also Flooded the World's Coastlines With a Catastrophic Tsunami

On This Day In Space: Nov. 18, 2013: NASA launches MAVEN orbiter to Mars

Best protein shaker 2022: Fuel your workouts

Best laptops for students 2022: MacBooks and Windows laptops for students on the go

Lego space deals: discounts on spaceships, space stations and NASA kits

Best electric toothbrushes for kids 2022: Enhance your children’s dental hygiene