Top news for 2022-10-15

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This Week In Space podcast: Episode 37 —Rise of the megarockets

Book Review: How To Speak Whale: A Voyage Into The Future Of Animal Communication

SpaceX launches telecom satellite, lands rocket on ship at sea

Overlooked No More: Katharine Briggs and Isabel Myers, Creators of a Personality Test

20 Nations at High Risk From Global Warming Might Halt Debt Payments

The Lucy spacecraft will slingshot around Earth on its way to Jupiter’s Trojan asteroids on Sunday (October 16). The fly-by will offer watchers in Western Australia and the Western USA a chance to see it.

Astronomers have observed the brightest flash of light ever seen, from an event that occurred 2.4 billion light years from Earth and was likely triggered by the formation of a black hole

This Specific 'Pet Parenting Style' Seems to Make Dogs More Secure And Resilient

Splashdown! NASA’s SpaceX Crew-4 Safely Returns to Earth

Massive Energy Beam Pointed at Earth Appears to Break the Laws of Physics, Scientists Say