Top news for 2022-08-07

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On This Day In Space: Nov. 18, 2013: NASA launches MAVEN orbiter to Mars

A New Source of Renewable Energy: Breaking Down Plant Matter

Having Wealthy Friends in Childhood Can Boost Your Income in The Future

Dwarf Galaxies Found Without Influence From Dark Matter

[Journal Article by Publications of the Astronomical Society of Japan] Super-Earth orbiting near the inner edge of the habitable zone around the M4.5 dwarf Ross 508

India's new rocket fails to put satellites in right orbit in debut launch

New Research Finds That Acupuncture May Help Ward Off Diabetes

A Full ‘Sturgeon Supermoon’ Will Rise This Week. Here’s Exactly When To See It At Its Best Where You Are

New Study May Explain Why Not All Birds Are Actually Bird-Brained

Don’t Use Booze To Help You Snooze: Why Alcohol Isn’t a Good Choice for Insomnia, Sleep Problems