Top news for December 21, 2008

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Possible SpaceX debris falls in Australia from Crew-1 Dragon spacecraft

New 3D cosmic map reveals 1 million previously hidden galaxies

SpaceX's astronaut missions for NASA: Live updates

On This Day In Space: Nov. 18, 2013: NASA launches MAVEN orbiter to Mars

Best air purifiers 2022: Top picks from Levoit, Dyson and more

Best air purifiers for allergies 2022: Top-rated purifiers to help you breathe easier

The World’s Most Distinct Birds Are Going Extinct Fastest

Surprise Deal Would Be Most Ambitious Climate Action Undertaken by U.S.

Uranus' mysterious moons: why NASA wants to explore Ariel and Miranda

Part of a Massive, Uncontrolled Rocket Will Crash to Earth This Sunday. Here's What We Know