Top news for 2022-07-23

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WHO Calls Monkeypox A Global Health Emergency

On This Day In Space: Nov. 18, 2013: NASA launches MAVEN orbiter to Mars

This Week In Space podcast: Episode 37 —Rise of the megarockets

Scientists Have Developed a New Way to Measure The Ever-Elusive Gravitational Constant

JWST Carina Nebula (30k res)

New AI Can Automatically Detect a Serious Heart Condition

US Mass public shootings since Columbine: victims per incident by race and ethnicity of the perpetrator. Results showed White shooters were overrepresented in mass public shootings with the most victims, typically involving legally owned assault rifles.

Study Suggests We Have This STI to Thank For The Evolution of Grandmothers

How the Government Is Failing Americans Uprooted by Natural Disaster

A recent review suggests a new way of predicting suicide: Looking at, say, blog posts, suicide notes, or therapy sessions of a suicidal person, we can identify certain linguistic features (e.g., first-person pronoun use) that predict suicidal thoughts and behaviors.