Top news for 2022-01-31

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Is it weird to sing my kids lullabies? Maybe, but science is clear about the benefits

We Already Have the Technology to Save Earth From a “Don’t Look Up” Asteroid

Pioneering research forecasts climate change set to send costs of flooding soaring

Being a Super-Friendly Dog Has One Potential Drawback, Study Finds

You Use The Language Area Of Your Brain When Listening To Music

On This Day In Space: Dec. 22, 1966: 1st flight of the HL-10 lifting body

April new moon 2022: Venus, Saturn and Mars cluster together in moonless sky

SpaceX launches Italian Earth-observation satellite, lands rocket

See A Beautiful Naked Eye Sight As A Crescent Moon Sweeps Past Jupiter: What To Watch For In The Night Sky This Week

Methane Pollution Just Reached New Heights, And The Sources May Not Be What You Think