Top news for 2021-12-06

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Newborn star (unsuccessfully) plays 'hide-and-seek' in gas cloud

Does Biology Work Beyond Earth?

Rocket launch today: SpaceX launching US spy satellite in morning liftoff

On This Day In Space: May 25, 2008: NASA's Phoenix spacecraft lands on Mars

The Variant Hunters: Inside South Africa’s Effort to Stanch Dangerous Mutations

Watch NASA announce its next astronaut class in this webcast replay

Parents Knowingly Send Covid-19 Positive Child To Marin County School, Coronavirus Outbreak Ensues

A Parade Of Planets, Venus At ‘Greatest Brilliancy’ And Another Billionaire In Space: What You Can See In The Night Sky This Week

U.S. was not blindsided by Russia’s anti-satellite test, say officials

COVID Breakthrough: New Potent Antiviral Against SARS-CoV-2, RSV and Other Respiratory RNA Viruses