Top news for 2021-11-07

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On This Day In Space: April 20, 2016: Moon doesn't turn green, despite internet rumors

Time Has No Meaning at the North Pole

SpaceX's Crew-3 astronaut mission for NASA: Live updates

Lidar Uncovers Hundreds of Lost Maya and Olmec Ruins

No, Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla Was Not Arrested, Here’s How This Conspiracy Theory Emerged

How to watch SpaceX's Crew-2 astronauts return to Earth today

Sustainably Mining Rare Earth Elements From Fertilizer Byproduct

Clever Experiment Reveals The Ideal Deadline to Set to Actually Get Stuff Done

Astronomers make most distant detection yet of fluorine in star-forming galaxy

Melt: Expedition to the Gorner Glacier [Documentary Video]