Top news for 2021-08-09

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Key Findings You MUST Know From Just-Released IPCC Climate Change Report

Stuttering Stems from Problems in Brain Wiring, Not Personalities

Colliding photons were spotted making matter. But are the photons ‘real’?

Boeing's Starliner still hoping for August launch despite technical troubles

Rocket launch today: SpaceX launching US spy satellite in morning liftoff

On This Day In Space: May 25, 2008: NASA's Phoenix spacecraft lands on Mars

New Data Suggest J. & J. Vaccine Works Against Delta

F.D.A. Aiming to Speed Vaccine Booster Shot for Immunocompromised Patients

For Seniors Especially, Covid Can Be Stealthy

‘Joe Rogan Is Getting This Completely Wrong,’ Says The Scientist Who Conducted The Vaccine Study