Top news for 2021-08-08

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On This Day In Space: May 25, 2008: NASA's Phoenix spacecraft lands on Mars

Novavax Says U.S. Will Pause Funding for Production of Its Vaccine

Did Covid-19 Vaccines Cause Coronavirus Delta Variants? Here’s What The Timing Says

Video of Officer’s Collapse After Handling Powder Draws Skepticism

Comet Leonard: Our Future ‘Christmas Comet’ Is Headed For Venus, Say Scientists—And We’ve Just Found A Second One

Interior of Mars Revealed by NASA InSight Lander’s Seismic Observations

12 Countries Could 'Lose' Almost 5 Million Women in The Next Decade, Warn Scientists

California’s Massive Dixie Fire Keeps Growing – Stunning Image Captured by Astronaut on Space Station

Ultrafast Terahertz Nanoscopy: Social Distancing on the Nanoscale

For Seniors Especially, Covid Can Be Stealthy