Top news for 2021-06-23

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Can genetic tests predict children's risk of developing scoliosis?

Prostate Cancer Linked to Obesity – The Actual Distribution of Body Fat Appears to Be a Significant Factor

Recycling of the eye's light sensors is faulty in progressive blindness of older adults

Coping With Extremes: How the One-Humped Arabian Camel Survives Without Drinking

Mind the gap: Scientists use stellar mass to link exoplanets to planet-forming disks. Scientists have uncovered a direct link between protoplanetary disk structures—the planet-forming disks that surround stars—and planet demographics.

Combining three techniques boosts brain-imaging precision

Geckos might lose their tails, but not their dinner

Underwater Archaeology Team Finds 9,000-Year-Old Stone Tool Artifacts

The Unfiltered Truth Behind Human Magnetism, Vaccines, And COVID-19

Rising greenhouse gases pose continued threat to Arctic ozone layer