Top news for 2021-05-23

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Science Made Simple: What Is a Stellarator?

Modern theories of human evolution foreshadowed by Darwin’s Descent of Man

On This Day In Space: May 25, 2008: NASA's Phoenix spacecraft lands on Mars

It’s Crunch Time and Biden’s Climate Gambit Faces Steep Hurdles

“Clyde’s Spot” on Jupiter Has Morphed Into a Strange, Complex Structure

Scientists Develop New Gene Editor to Correct Disease-Causing Mutations

IBS patients' symptoms improved under COVID-19 lockdown orders

KiNET-X Experiment: NASA Launches Rocket in Search of Aurora Answers

I spent all day watching this sunspot in case it did something interesting. I got lucky. It produced a flare large enough to swallow Earth. [OC]

Evolving Periodicity: Starlight, Star Bright…As Explained by Math