Top news for 2021-05-08

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Covid Pandemic Forces Families to Rethink Nursing Home Care

Debris from a large Chinese rocket is expected to plunge to Earth this weekend

Rocket launch today: SpaceX launching US spy satellite in morning liftoff

On This Day In Space: Dec. 22, 1966: 1st flight of the HL-10 lifting body

For Math Fans: Some Puzzles from Game of Life Creator John Conway

A huge Chinese rocket will fall to Earth this weekend. Here's how to track it online.

Exercise Scientist Explains: Do You Really Need to Drink 8 Glasses of Water a Day?

Boeing’s Starliner Completes Full Space Station Mission Simulation

Newly Identified Species of Saber-Toothed Cat Was So Big It Hunted Rhinos in America

Using “Almost Inconceivably Fast” Measurements, Researchers Find Bubbles Speed Up Energy Transfer