Top news for 2021-04-19

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Light up your mind: A novel light-based treatment for neurodegenerative diseases

Scientists May Detect Signs of Extraterrestrial Life in the Next 5 to 10 Years With New Telescope

Scientists crack 'the Brazil-nut' puzzle, how do the largest nuts rise to the top?

NASA’s Ingenuity Mars Helicopter Succeeds in Historic First Flight

Researchers find snake venom complexity is driven by prey diet

As plant/animal diversity wanes, is microbial life changing too? A perilously 'profound ignorance'

Psilocybin Impairs Productive Creativity, At Least While Users Are ‘Stoned’ — Or So A New Study Suggests

Watch monster black holes dance in this mesmerizing NASA animation

NASA's Mars helicopter Ingenuity takes off on historic 1st powered flight on another world

UW researchers studying how to make online arguments productive