Top news for 2021-04-18

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On This Day In Space: May 25, 2008: NASA's Phoenix spacecraft lands on Mars

SpaceX has Given up Trying to Catch Rocket Fairings. Fishing Them out of the Ocean is Fine

Papier-Mache Globe

How Safe Are You From Covid When You Fly?

The Brain's Pleasure System Wastes Away in Early-Onset Dementia, Study Finds

NASA will purchase Artemis spacesuits ( exploration extravehicular activity (xEVA) system ) from commercial partners , shifting acquisition of suits to a new model simmilar to Commercial Crew or HLS

Creationism can be taught as science in Arkansas classrooms, lawmakers say

How Bhutan Out-Vaccinated Most of the World

China wants to launch spacecrafts to the edge of our solar system

New photo colorizing technique uses skin reaction to light for life-like results