Top news for 2021-04-13

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Significant Brain Changes Found in Children Who Regularly Snore – May Explain Hyperactivity and Aggression

Five ways fish are more like humans than you realize: Multiple studies have shown that fish lose their memory as they age, fish are social and remember their friends, fish can be impatient, fish feel pain and even fish really like cocaine.

No batteries? No sweat! Wearable biofuel cells now produce electricity from lactate

Japan Will Release Radioactive Fukushima Water Into The Ocean, And Why That’s O.K.

Ancient ammonoids' shell designs may have aided buoyancy control

Wildfires launch microbes into the air. How big of a health risk is that?

Darius, ‘World’s Longest Rabbit,’ Is Missing

Using emotion and humor to combat science misinformation

Genetically Modifying Mosquitoes to Eliminate Malaria

Frog species with 6 sex chromosomes offer new clues on evolution of complex XY systems