Top news for 2021-03-28

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On This Day In Space: May 25, 2008: NASA's Phoenix spacecraft lands on Mars

The Physics of That Spinning Hug in Dua Lipa’s Music Video

Clearing of woody weeds in Baringo County, Kenya, may yield major livelihood benefits

US Fossil Fuel Companies Get a Shocking Amount of Implicit Subsidies Each Year

“Zombie” Cells? Research Shows Some Genes Come to Life in the Brain After We Die

Incredibly Powerful 900+ Mph Winds in Jupiter’s Atmosphere Measured for the First Time

Mars’ Massive Olympus Mons Volcano Still Puzzles Planetary Scientists

Apophis asteroid will not hit Earth for 100 years, Nasa says

Legacy of shattered alien-seeking Arecibo telescope will live on for millions of years

Low-Dose Aspirin Use for Heart Disease May Reduce Likelihood of COVID-19 Infection