Top news for 2021-03-27

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Much-feared asteroid Apophis won't hit Earth for at least 100 years, Nasa says | Asteroids

Data and Technology Can Help Us Make Progress on COVID Inequities

Could a rare clotting disorder dash the world's hopes for AstraZeneca's COVID-19 vaccine?

On This Day In Space: Dec. 22, 1966: 1st flight of the HL-10 lifting body

Full moon calendar 2022: When to see the next full moon

Genome Sequencing and Covid-19: How Scientists Are Tracking the Virus

Drillers Burned Off Gas at a Staggering Rate as Winter Storm Hit Texas

Tantalizing Evidence: Is the Nearest Star Cluster to the Sun Being Destroyed?

CDC: Don’t Kiss Pet Turtles, Here’s The Latest Salmonella Outbreak

Cheating the Coronavirus: New Drug Candidate Against COVID-19