Top news for December 21, 2008

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Astronomers Have Found The First Evidence For Tectonic Activity on an Exoplanet

Rapid 3D printing method moves toward 3D-printed organs

New 'split-drive' system puts scientists in the (gene) driver seat

What Is ‘Covid Arm,’ A Side Effect From Covid-19 Coronavirus Vaccines?

"Magic sand" might help us understand the physics of granular matter

Study: Countries with women heads of state report fewer cases and deaths related to COVID-19. These states also have higher rates of universal healthcare coverage. Women’s preferences for public spending on healthcare made these countries better prepared for the pandemic.

Triangulating Math, Mozart and ‘Moby-Dick’

NASA names Perseverance rover's Mars touchdown site 'Octavia E. Butler Landing'

First-ever 'space hurricane' detected over the North Pole

What animal has the largest ears?