Top news for 2021-02-18

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The COVID-19 death toll sent U.S. life expectancy plunging in 2020

NASA Will Listen for Thumps on Mars From Perseverance Rover's Arrival

Microgravity works wonders with plant transplants: « To have an exception like this, where microgravity appears to be helpful and the plants are growing better than on Earth … that’s astonishing. »

Touchdown! NASA's Mars Perseverance Rover Safely Lands on Red Planet

People Answer Scientists' Queries in Real Time while Dreaming

Cone snail venom shows potential for treating severe malaria

Scientists Found a Way to Communicate With People Who Are Asleep And Dreaming

Study finds no gender discrimination when leaders use confident language

Million-year-old DNA data from molars reveals unexpected mammoth origins

New Research Shows Gulf War Illness Not Caused by Depleted Uranium From Munitions