Top news for December 21, 2008

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What Can 8000-Year Old Lake Shells Tell Us About Climate Change?

World’s Oldest DNA – 1.2 Million Years Old – Reveals How Mammoths Evolved

Male victims of workplace sexual harassment are viewed less favorably and elicit less sympathy. In addition, male victims were believed to have suffered less and to require less time to recover. Between 16% and 17% of all reported sexual harassment complaints are filed by male victims.

A new, clearer insight into Earth's hidden crystals

Watch NASA's Perseverance rover land on Mars

Wintering bird communities track climate change faster than breeding communities in Europe and North America

Russia's Progress 77 cargo ship docks with the International Space Station

Evidence of Planet Nine diminishing as researchers find no evidence of clustering

How to Watch NASA's Perseverance Mars Rover Landing

New Covid-19 Cases Around The World Dropped 16% Last Week, World Health Organization Says