Top news for 2021-02-13

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A Magnetic Twist to Graphene Could Offer a Dramatic Increase in Processing Speeds Compared to Electronics

Covid Vaccines for Kids Are Coming, but Not for Many Months

On W.H.O. Trip, China Refused to Hand Over Important Data

New Global “Wind Atlas” Propels Sustainable Energy for All Parts of the World

Europa Decision Delivers Crushing Blow To NASA’s Space Launch System (SLS)

The Solar System's Most Distant Planetoid Confirmed - "Farfarout"

NASA Invites Public to Share Thrill of Mars Perseverance Rover Landing (3 min video)

NASA Satellites Improve the Accuracy of Forests’ Impacts on the Global Carbon Budget

White dwarfs wear the crushed corpses of planets in their atmospheres

In photos: SpaceX's Starship SN9 prototype soars 10 km, crash-lands in Texas