Top news for 2021-02-05

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New Artificial Intelligence Tool Can Thwart COVID-19 Mutations

Astronomers Think They've Found Another Trojan Asteroid Lurking in Earth's Orbit

What Looked Like Phosphine On Venus Might Actually Just Be Sulfur Dioxide

OHSU lawsuit and documentary about sperm donors and the unrestricted practice of sperm banks. 15+ children of the same donor tell their story.

Pushed to the limit: A CMOS-based transceiver for beyond 5G applications at 300 GHz

The United Arab Emirates’ Hope orbiter is about to arrive at Mars

Silicon anode structure generates new potential for lithium-ion batteries

Healthy oceans need healthy soundscapes

Civil engineers find link between hospitals and schools key to community resilience

Sea cucumbers pinch out '5 Eiffel Towers worth' of poop per reef, per year