Top news for 2021-01-22

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Covid lockdown loneliness linked to more depressive symptoms in older adults

Eli Lilly Claims Drug Prevents Coronavirus Infection in Nursing Homes

Testing Whether Einstein’s Theory of General Relativity Is Right With a Record-Breaking Laser Link

Trump downplayed the costs of carbon pollution. That’s about to change

Rhesus macaques develop promising immune response to SARS-CoV-2

'Symbiotic stars' caught snacking on each other outside the Milky Way

Magnetic Waves Explain Mystery of Sun’s Puzzling Outer Layer

High-profile Chinese scientist cleared of fraud and plagiarism charges involving more than 60 papers

New blueprint for more stable quantum computers

“Extinct” Pinatubo Volcano Mouse Rediscovered on Volcano That Erupted 30 Years Ago