Top news for 2021-01-01

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New Coronavirus Variant Now in US And UK Doesn't Cause More Severe Illness, Says Study

How the Sinopharm Covid-19 Vaccine Works

Forbes Science Awards 2020: Prepare For The Outer-Space Stock-Market Boom

Night sky, April 2022: What you can see this month [maps]

Space calendar 2022: Rocket launches, sky events, missions & more!

Two Teachers In Puerto Rico Battle Hurricanes, Earthquakes, And Covid-19 [Infographic]

Meteor Showers in 2021 That Will Light Up Night Skies

How Trump Tried, but Largely Failed, to Derail America’s Top Climate Report

NASA 2021: Let’s Go to the Moon [Video]

Wind Generated More Than Half of Britain's Electricity For The First Time on Saturday