Top news for 2020-12-17

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New COVID-19 Test Targets Three Viral Genes to Increase Reliability – Could Reduce Virus Spread

Scientists think they've detected radio emissions from an alien world

Tiny quantum computer solves real optimisation problem

The Data on Coronavirus and Public Holidays

Greenland 'knickpoints' could stall spread of glacial thinning

In fiction, we remember the deaths that make us sad

Enceladus’ Subsurface Ocean Has Various Energy Sources for Microbial Life, Study Suggests

Health Care Worker Had Serious Allergic Reaction After Pfizer's Covid Vaccine

Pfizer Says It Has Millions Of Vaccine Doses ‘Sitting In Our Warehouse’—But Hasn’t Been Told Where To Send Them

Astronomers May Have Detected The First Radio Signal From an Exoplanet