Yellow is the color between green and orange on the spectrum of light.

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Male yellow crazy ants are real-life chimeras

Yellow crazy ant males have two sets of DNA

Invasive yellow crazy ants create male ‘chimeras’ to reproduce

In 1868 Pierre Janssen watched the moon pass in front of the Sun. Using a special prism, he became obsessed with a line of yellow light that everyone assumed was sodium so he kept studying that mysterious line. Joseph Lockyer worked on the same problem and both are credited for helium

Slave trade records help reveal when first yellow fever mosquitoes bit humans

Efforts to prevent the Yellow River flooding may have made it worse

The Sun appears deep red to human eyes from a Hydrogen-alpha filter in a solar telescope but they are processed to create a yellow image that is expected by most people

Yellow evolution: Unique genes led to new species of monkeyflower

An Old Yellow Enzyme helps algae combat photooxidative stress

The sky isn't just blue — airglow makes it green, yellow and red too

Strains of Aedes mosquitoes – the main mosquito vector for dengue, yellow fever, and Zika virus – are now insecticide-resistant

Scientists Find a 'Yellow Brick Road' in a Never-Before-Seen Spot of The Pacific Ocean

Astronomers image the Sun in detail using hydrogen-alpha telescopes with monochrome cameras rather than colour as they can make full use of their sensors. This means processing software is used to make the Sun appear in colours like yellow and orange

Please Stop Freaking Out About This Giant Yellow Spider

Trio of yellow, blue and green lakes in Ethiopia stuns in striking satellite image

Trio of yellow, blue and green lakes in Ethiopia stuns in striking satellite image

Habitable Planets Will Most Likely be Cold, Dry “Pale Yellow Dots”

Astrophysicists found that Betelgeuse was yellow-orange some 2,000 years ago. Compared to its current age – 14 million years old – the color transition is relative rapid for astronomical time-scales.

Just 2,000 Years Ago, Betelgeuse Was Yellow, Not Red

Discovery suggests red supergiant Betelgeuse was actually yellow 2,000 years ago