Years and Years is a dystopian science fiction drama television miniseries written by Russell T Davies.

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We Need 50 More Years of the Clean Water Act

Largest-Ever Cosmic Explosion Has Raged for Years

Global temperatures likely to rise beyond 1.5C limit within next five years — It would be the first time in human history such a temperature has been recorded

Earth is probably safe from a killer asteroid for 1,000 years

An AI Was Trained to Detect Parkinson's Years Before Symptoms Appeared

Graduate student Jocelyn Bell Burnell and her supervisor, Antony Hewish, built a radio telescope to observe quasars in 1967. Their discovery won the 1974 Nobel Prize – for Hewish. 50 years later, Burnell was awarded $3 Million in the Special Breakthrough Prize in Fundamental Physics

The most widespread shark species have had relatively little variation in the shape of their jaws over millions of years, with the most variable jaws found in deep-sea sharks, according to a recent study.

Saturn’s Rings are No More Than Few Hundred Million Years Old, Scientists Say

Scientists Discover Butterflies Originated in America 100 Million Years

29 million light years from Gozo: astronomers capture Sunflower Galaxy

Butterflies evolved 100 million years ago in North America

[@EricBerger] Over the next five years NASA will need at least $41 billion to land two humans on the Moon by 2028.

Irregular sleep linked to a higher risk of death over the next 7 years

Want to see the northern lights? Good news: Experts predict years of awesome aurora viewing.

50 years ago, Skylab launched into orbit. See what it meant to an astronaut on a space station now.

Ancient Giants Uncovered: Fossil Site Sheds Light on Arthropod Dominance 470 Million Years Ago

It Took Five Years and A Million Images to Make this Atlas of Stellar Nurseries

75 Years Ago: First Launch of a Two-Stage Rocket

Astronomers Discover a Mysterious Lonely Galaxy 9.2 Billion Light-Years Away

50 years ago, cosmic rays may have caused Apollo astronauts to see lights