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Full Buck Moon shines this weekend on Apollo 11 moon landing anniversary

The Moon Occults Spica This Weekend For North America

St. Cloud, MN Prepares for Liftoff as Space Shuttle Replica Inspiration Lands in St. Cloud This Weekend

China's Chang'e 6 probe to land on far side of the moon this weekend to return lunar samples to Earth

RPI builds bridges to the future during bicentennial commencement weekend - EurekAlert

SpaceX Starlink satellites doing just fine after weekend solar storm, company says

What a Weekend! Spectacular Aurora Photos from Around the World

How a giant sunspot unleashed solar storms that spawned global auroras that just dazzled us all

NOAA says ‘extreme’ Solar storm will persist through the weekend

Severe Solar Storm This Weekend Threatens Power Grids and Navigation Systems

Earth prepares for solar storm impact from three CMEs this weekend

4 large incoming solar bursts could supercharge the auroras this weekend

Eta Aquarid meteor shower peak could spawn over 100 'shooting stars' per hour this weekend

The Eta Aquariid Meteor Shower Peaks This Weekend, Could Be Strongest This Century

The Lyrid meteor shower peaks this weekend, but don't expect much this year

Once-in-a-lifetime "devil comet" to be brightest this weekend

Auroras this weekend follow the strongest solar flare in years

NASA's Ingenuity Mars helicopter gearing up for longest flight ever this weekend

The Famous Halley's Comet Reaches Aphelion This Weekend

Famed Halley’s Comet Passes Aphelion This Weekend