Understanding is a cognitive process related to an abstract or physical object, such as a person, situation, or message whereby one is able to use concepts to model that object.

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Crows can understand probability like primates do

Human embryo-like models created from stem cells to understand earliest stages of human development

A new species of early toothed whale helps us understand the history of modern dolphins

Researcher uses pressure to understand RNA dynamics

Traditional methods cannot give us the insights we need to understand changing ecosystems

'Shoebox' satellites help scientists understand trees and global warming

Why Experts Can’t Understand Or Predict AI Behaviors

This 'Stunning' 14-Sided New Shape May Deepen How We Understand 'Order in Nature'

Digital Anthropology Meets Data Science - Analyzing online ecosystems in real time, teams of anthropologists and data scientists can begin to understand rapid social changes as they happen.

Astronomers discover a key planetary system to understand the formation mechanism of the mysterious 'super-Earths'

Complex Cognition: Dinosaurs Were the First To Understand Others’ Perspectives

Scientists just grew a black hole disk in a lab to better understand how they feed

Quakes and blasts help scientists understand Earth’s elusive inner core

UAH space science faculty advances modelling of energetic neutral atoms to better understand solar flares and coronal mass ejections

Research shows mobile phone users do not understand what data they might be sharing

To understand biological sex, look at the brain, not the body

The Startling Intelligence of the Common Chicken: Chickens are smart, and they understand their world, which raises troubling questions about how they are treated on factory farms

A new idea for how to assemble life. If we want to understand complex constructions, such as ourselves, assembly theory says we must account for the entire history of how such entities came to be.

Scientists Compare Genomes of 240 Mammals to Understand Human DNA

New research from Greece shows that 3 strategies people consider most effective in improving relationships are: Showing more interest in one's romantic partner; trying to understand his/her needs; and willingness to discuss problems together. Improving one's appearance was rated least effective.