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Hospitalizations for scooter injuries nearly tripled in the US between 2016 and 2020, UCLA-led research finds

UCLA Discovers Weight Loss Game-Changer: Stimulating Brown Fat To Fight Obesity

Cryo-EM 2.0: UCLA’s Groundbreaking Advance in Nobel Prize-Winning Imaging Tech

UCLA Scientists Uncover the Truth About Cannabis Products Containing HHCs

Revolutionizing Battery Performance: UCLA Reveals True Shape of Lithium for the First Time

Mimicking Minds: UCLA Finds AI Language Model GPT-3 Can Reason About As Well as a College Student

What’s living beneath the waves in Southern California? — Using environmental DNA a UCLA-led study published in the journal PLOS One has identified 80 species of fish and rays living within southern California surf zones

Parkinson’s Warning: UCLA & Harvard Researchers Identify 10 Neurotoxic Pesticides

Study from UCLA Department of Sociology finds rise in excess death rates in US

UCLA Research Reveals “Dormant” Cones in Retinal Degeneration May Preserve Visual Function

UCLA-led study explains how one of Saturn’s moons ejects particles from oceans beneath its surface

UCLA scientists, Dr. Eric Kang Ting and Dr. Chia Soo, in collaboration with NASA and the Center for the Advancement of Science in Space are performing experiments in space to test an experimental drug that could one day result in a treatment for osteoporosis. More in the comments.

UCLA Breakthrough Could Lead to More Durable, Less Expensive Solar Cells

UCLA Scientists Say FDA-Approved Eye-Disease Drug May Also Help Fight COVID

Webb Space Telescope reveals birth of galaxies, how universe became transparent — UCLA astrophysicists shed light on how hydrogen fog burned away after the Big Bang

North American migratory birds are getting smaller, a UCLA-led study shows, a change scientists attribute to a rapidly warming climate.

A new UCLA study shows that students retain information quite well when watching lectures at up to twice their actual speed.

Animals Laugh Too: UCLA Study Finds Laughter in 65 Species, from Rats to Cows

UCLA Breakthrough Points Way to Longer-Lasting COVID Vaccine

UCLA Breakthrough Points Way to Longer-Lasting COVID Vaccine