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Breakthrough in photoactivatable nanomedicine for the treatment of age-related macular degeneration

New AI Tool Transforms Breast Cancer Prognosis and Treatment

Phototherapy – A Promising New Approach in Alzheimer’s Treatment

Ketamine Nasal Spray: A Game-Changer for Treatment-Resistant Depression?

There May Be a Treatment for Covid Loss of Smell

Lung cancer cells' 'memories' suggest new strategy for improving treatment

New Gene Editing Treatment Cuts Dangerous Cholesterol in Small Study

Yeast cells can produce drugs for treatment of psychotic disorders

Side-effect avoiding treatment shows early promise against breast cancer in mice

FDA approves the first treatment for nasopharyngeal carcinoma, a rare cancer that originates in the nasopharynx. The drug (toripalimab-tpzi) is a next-generation, programmed death receptor-1 monoclonal antibody. Because of the tumor's location (behind the nose), surgery is not usually an option.

Mechanics of breast cancer metastasis discovered, offering target for treatment

Breakthrough in treatment for world's leading cause of kidney failure in children

New drug offers relief for treatment-resistant epilepsy patients

Teen Depression Rose During Pandemic, With Racial Gaps in Treatment

MIT’s Self-Oxygenating Implant To Revolutionize Diabetes Treatment

New discovery may 'unlock' the future of infectious disease and cancer treatment

Groundbreaking Findings – Early Alzheimer’s Treatment Shows Improvement in Cognition

Malaria: Treatment of Plasmodium falciparum malaria patients under threat in the Horn of Africa

Decoding Treatment-Resistant Depression: Researchers Identify Crucial Biomarker That Tracks Recovery

How inverse vaccines might tackle diseases like multiple sclerosis. Vaccines aimed at dampening the immune response could revolutionize the treatment of autoimmune diseases.