Societal collapse (also known as civilizational collapse) is the fall of a complex human society characterized by the loss of cultural identity and of social complexity as an adaptive system, the downfall of government, and the rise of violence.

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Starlink carbon footprint up to 30 times size of land-based internet

Bioengineering breakthrough increases DNA detection sensitivity by 100 times

Scientists Develop Incredibly Lightweight Material 4 Times Stronger Than Steel

Astronomers have captured the first direct evidence of a black hole spinning. Scientists have predicted this, but until now direct evidence was elusive. M87 is located 55m light years from the Earth and harbours a black hole 6.5bn times more massive than the Sun.

'Fossilized' Bubble 10,000 Times the Size of the Milky Way Could Be a Relic from the Big Bang

How to reach net zero five times faster

New method makes microcombs ten times more efficient

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Stay Tuned for next Transit of Mercury on November 12, 2032. Mercury measures a mere 12 arcseconds across, about 150 times smaller than the Sun, making transits of Mercury significantly tricky to observe

NASA recognises the huge cost of SLS moon rockets - engines for SLS cost dozens of times more than those for SpaceX rockets

Scientists Slowed Down a Chemical Reaction 100 Billion Times to See What Happens

Time Ticked Five Times Slower Just After The Big Bang, Say Scientists

Time appeared to move 5 times more slowly in 1st billion years after Big Bang, quasar 'clocks' reveal

Quasar 'clocks' show the universe was five times slower soon after the Big Bang

Quasar 'clocks' show Universe was five times slower soon after the Big Bang

Time appears to run five times slower in the early universe

Quasar ‘clocks’ show Universe was five times slower soon after the Big Bang

Time Appears to Have Run 5 Times Slower in The Early Universe

Universe was Five Times Slower Soon after Big Bang, Astrophysicists Say

Scientist uses laser for 10 times faster satellite-to-ground data transfer