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World's Largest Ocean Stingray Tagged For First Time

For the First Time: Human Brain Organoids Implanted in Mice Show Response to Visual Stimuli

For the First Time Hubble Directly Measures Mass of a Lone White Dwarf

Reading out RNA structures in real time

A Revolutionary New Physics Hypothesis: Three Time Dimensions, One Space Dimension

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Green Comet To Be Visible With The Naked Eye For First Time In 50,000 Years

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Once in a generation' green comet will zip past Earth for the first time since the age of the NEANDERTHALS 50,000 years ago

Green comet will appear in the night sky for the first time since the Stone Age

Hearing noise and moving our body helps us gauge the passing of time

Catching the wrongdoers in the act: Chemists develop a novel tool to decipher bacterial infections in real time

A spaceflight disaster was narrowly avoided in 1972. A series of intense solar flares exploded in August, just months before the launch of Apollo 17. Any astronauts on the moon at that time would have died from radiation. As NASA's new lunar missions progress, the threat of radiation still looms.

The presence of the manul, a cold-adapted wild cat the size of a domestic cat, has been confirmed on the slopes of the world’s highest mountain. The confirmation by DNA testing of scat samples marks the first time the elusive cat has been formally recorded in Nepal’s eastern Himalayan region.

Songbird species work together to mob predator owls, but only strike when the time is right

Pollen from grasses and trees can cause symptoms such as coughing or wheezing in babies as early as the first year of life, Basel researchers have shown for the first time. This connection was previously only known in older children and adults.

Why More Physicists Are Starting to Think Space and Time Are ‘Illusions’

Why More Physicists Are Starting to Think Space and Time Are ‘Illusions’ (Can anyone please offer a better analogy or image than in the article?)