the Sun

Empire of the Sun is a 1987 American epic coming-of-age war film directed by Steven Spielberg and written by Tom Stoppard, based on J. G. Ballard's semi-autobiographical 1984 novel of the same name.

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Voyage to the Sun: NASA’s Parker Solar Probe Completes 16th Close Approach

W Herschel used a 10 foot telescope to study the Sun in 1801 and hypothesized that the sun was a solid Earth-like sphere with atmosphere. 60 years later, J Herschel noted that patterns on the solar surface could be igneous snowflakes, giant fish swimming in the photosphere, or monsters

Meteor-Like 'Shooting Stars' Discovered in The Sun's Atmosphere

NASA Spacecraft Survives Getting 94% Of The Way To The Sun

The Inside of the Earth Is As Hot as the Sun’s Surface – How Has It Stayed That Way for Billions of Years?

"Shooting stars" seen raining down on the sun for the first time (images)

'Shooting stars' seen raining down on the sun for the 1st time (images)

Our Solar System possibly survived a supernova because of how the Sun formed

‘Shooting Stars’ Discovered In The Sun’s Corona

The Sun Just Unleashed a Huge Solar Flare, Triggers Radio Blackout in US

Astrophysicist Jonathan Lane was the first to demonstrate with math that the Sun is a body of gas, in his 1870 book "On the Theoretical Temperature of the Sun". Lane’s law states that as a gaseous body contracts, the contraction generates heat

The first photos of the Sun were taken in 1845 by French physicists Louis Fizeau and Lion Foucault. In the 1860s, Warren de la Rue recorded the complete 11 year solar cycle in a series of almost 3000 images that clearly showed sunspots and other features

860 Million-Year-Old Quasar Had Already Amassed 1.4 Billion Times the Mass of the Sun

The Sun has had a growing Sun Spot for the past two days and it has been growing rapidly, with expectations for a solar flair between now and July 4th

Bizarre object hotter than the sun is orbiting a distant star at breakneck speed

Distant comet cracks into two halves after being heated by the sun

NASA's Parker Solar Probe starts summer with 16th swoop by the sun

A Brown Dwarf is Getting Hit With So Much Radiation it's Hotter Than the Sun

Solar Paradox: How the Sun’s Coldest Sunspot Umbra Powers Its Million-Degree Corona

In 1930, Bernard Lyot invented the coronagraph that allowed total solar eclipses to be recreated at will. It is essentially a telescope with a small disk in the focal plane to exactly cover the disk of the sun like the moon would