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A Solar Neighborhood Census, Thanks to NASA Citizen Science

These 3 stars are losing weight fast — thanks to stellar winds way stronger than the sun's

Space-based solar power may be one step closer to reality, thanks to this key test (video)

Speaking without vocal cords, thanks to a new AI-assisted wearable device

The future is likely less skiable, thanks to climate change

Blue cheese could get an upgrade thanks to new mould hybrids

Artemis 2 moon astronauts will enjoy maple cream cookies and smoked salmon thanks to Canada

Ultra-dry Death Valley has a temporary lake thanks to extreme rainfall

Future electric cars could go more than 600 miles on a single charge thanks to battery-boosting gel

Water detected on surface of asteroids for first time, thanks to defunct NASA mission

Lager could get array of novel flavours thanks to new strains of yeast

The evolution of photosynthesis better documented thanks to the discovery of the oldest thylakoids in fossil cyanobacteria

The moon may enter a new geological period thanks to human activity

We now know why we find some jokes funny - thanks to Seinfeld

Robot hand exceptionally 'human-like' thanks to new 3D printing technique

Plants are more productive on weekends thanks to cleaner air

Axiom Space astronaut Marcus Wandt says space is 'more real' thanks to private flights

This Fall Is Full of Acorns--Thanks to a 'Mast' Year

Hunt for Uranus tonight in a dark sky, thanks to November's new moon

Man with Parkinson's Walks Smoothly thanks to an Experimental Spinal Implant