Colloquially, room temperature is a range of air temperatures that most people prefer for indoor settings.

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Ticks prove resilient to extreme temperatures

Microbes Discovered in the Alps and Arctic That Can Digest Plastic at Low Temperatures

Microbes discovered that can digest plastics at low temperatures. Scientists from the Swiss Federal Institute WSL have found microbes that can do this at 15C, which could lead to a breakthrough in microbial

Sensors that operate at high temperatures and in extreme environments

Global temperatures likely to rise beyond 1.5C limit within next five years — It would be the first time in human history such a temperature has been recorded

Climate change could cause an increase in termites — and more termites could just accelerate warming temperatures, according to research published in Science.

Scientists discover microbes in the Alps and Arctic that can digest plastic at low temperatures

Scientists discover microbes in the Alps and Arctic that can digest plastic at low temperatures | Biodegradation of plastic at low temperatures can save money and energy

Scientists Are Alarmed as Sea Surface Temperatures Hit Uncharted Territory

In hot water: here's why ocean temperatures are the hottest on record

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Cold Temperatures: The Key to Healthy Aging?

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A reconstruction of prehistoric temperatures for some of the oldest archaeological sites in North America

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