The Technique, also known as the "'Nique", is the official student newspaper of the Georgia Institute of Technology in Atlanta, Georgia, and has referred to itself as "the South's liveliest college newspaper" since 1945.

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CRISPR-powered 'cancer shredding' technique opens new possibility for treating most common and deadly brain cancer

Technique to see the ultrafast world of electrons wins 2023 physics Nobel

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Scientists Cryopreserve and Revive Coral Fragments in a World First for Conservation. The new freezing technique could reinvigorate corals suffering from warming oceans—or even preserve human organs in the future.

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MIT’s New CRISPR-Based Gene-Editing Technique Transforms Cancer Mutation Studies

New Technique Allows for Faster and More Accurate Detection of Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s

Reappraisal is a more effective emotion regulation technique for coping with low-intensity negative experiences, but self-distanced reflection is more effective for high-intensity negative experiences, according to new research.

New Technique Can Map Ocean Plastics from Space

Underwater writing technique lets you draw patterns in liquids