Sustainability is a social goal about the ability of people to co-exist on Earth over a long time.

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Study: Medical Marijuana Improves Health-Related Quality of Life That's Sustained Over Time

Cannabis use in cancer patients: acute and sustained associations with pain, cognition, and quality of life

Europe Lacks Groundwater: Satellite Data Shows Sustained Severe Drought Across the Continent

Satellite data shows sustained severe drought in Europe

Heightened activity of specific brain cells following traumatic social experience blocks social reward and promotes sustained social avoidance

Sustained Productivity: Farmers Move to High-Yielding, Cost-Saving Perennial Rice

Bombardment History Revealed: The Moon Sustained Twice As Many Impacts As Can Be Seen on Its Surface

Universal influenza B vaccine induces broad, sustained protection, biomedical sciences researchers find

In late May, Webb sustained a dust-sized micrometeroid impact to a primary mirror segment

[NASA Webb] In late May, Webb sustained a dust-sized micrometeroid impact to a primary mirror segment. Not to worry: Webb is still performing at a level that exceeds all mission requirements. Our first images will #UnfoldTheUniverse on July 12.

New study reviews anti-cancer activity of sustained release capsaicin formulations

Ancient Spider Reveals a Secret Glow That Sustained It For Eternity

Scientists Shatter Record for the Amount of Energy Produced During a Controlled, Sustained Fusion Reaction

The Maya—and the maize that sustained them—had surprising southern roots, ancient DNA suggests

European fusion reactor sets record for sustained energy

Choline during pregnancy impacts children’s sustained attention

Rocks on floor of Jezero Crater, Mars, show signs of sustained interactions with water

NASA’s Perseverance Rover Collects Puzzle Pieces of Mars’ History – Reveal “Potentially Habitable Sustained Environment”

Speedy Evolution: Sustained Fast Rates of Evolution Explain How Tetrapods Evolved From Fish

Sustained fast rates of evolution explain how tetrapods evolved from fish