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People Value a Single Human Life Over Entire Species, Survey Reveals

Many Transgender Americans Face Stigma and Financial Hardship, Survey Finds

Virologists and epidemiologists back natural origin for COVID-19, survey suggests

Wolves and elk are (mostly) welcome back in Poland and Germany's Oder Delta region, survey shows

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Acceptability of Common Farming Practices: Survey of 1,000 Brits to find out what they think of common practices involved in farming cows, chickens, and pigs

Survey finds many Americans are letting their guard down during respiratory illness season

Teenage Vaping Declines This Year, Survey Says

In a survey of British antidepressant users, 70% experienced "severe withdrawal effects" when trying to stop. Only 8% reported that "services have been helpful and adequate to help me stop antidepressants." Only 3% had been told about the risk of withdrawal effects when first prescribed the drugs.

Recent survey finds that over 1/3 of dog owners think vaccines can cause canine autism