In physics, a surface wave is a mechanical wave that propagates along the interface between differing media.

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Wrinkles on Mercury's Surface Suggest The Planet Is Still Shrinking

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Carbon source found on surface of Jupiter's moon Europa

Webb finds carbon source on surface of Jupiter’s moon Europa

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Every morning and afternoon, like clockwork, the surface of the Moon trembles with tiny "moonquakes." Now, new analysis of seismic activity on the Moon has characterized these events and discovered that some of them are not what they seem.

W Herschel used a 10 foot telescope to study the Sun in 1801 and hypothesized that the sun was a solid Earth-like sphere with atmosphere. 60 years later, J Herschel noted that patterns on the solar surface could be igneous snowflakes, giant fish swimming in the photosphere, or monsters

Large sub-surface granite formation signals ancient volcanic activity on Moon's dark side

The Inside of the Earth Is As Hot as the Sun’s Surface – How Has It Stayed That Way for Billions of Years?

Improved Thermal Conductivity in Semiconductors: Heat Transfer Using Surface Plasmon Polaritons

Rare octopus discovery made 2 miles below the ocean surface - During a three-week expedition, researchers have documented an active octopus nursery. It may be the third known example of a brooding site where huge numbers of the creatures cluster together.

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