A superbubble or supershell is a cavity which is hundreds of light years across and is populated with hot gas atoms, less dense than the surrounding interstellar medium, blown against that medium and carved out by multiple supernovae and stellar winds. The winds, passage and gravity of newly born stars strip superbubbles of any other dust or gas. The Solar System lies near the center of an old superbubble, known as the Local Bubble, whose boundaries can be traced by a sudden rise in dust extinction of exterior stars at distances greater than a few hundred light years.

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Groundbreaking 3D Map of Cosmic Superbubble’s Magnetic Field Unveiled

Hubble spots a mysterious "superbubble" in the heart of nebula N44. Astronomers aren't sure what carved the gapping hole, but a series of nearby supernovae explosions might be the cause.

Mysterious “Superbubble” Hollows Out Nebula in Stunning New Hubble Image