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A coup d'état ( (listen); French for 'stroke of state'), also known as a coup or an overthrow, is a seizure and removal of a government and its powers.

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Cannabis Use Disorder ‘Common’ Among Marijuana Users, Study Finds

Treating childhood ADHD with stimulant meds not associated with increased substance use later in life, study finds

Warmer and murkier waters favor predators of guppies, study finds

Older adults who remain more active have a better quality of life, study finds

From Ringing to Relief: Study Finds the Most Effective Tinnitus Treatment

Social isolation and loss of energy: Study finds a drop in energetic arousal after social isolation for people who lived alone or reported high sociability. This suggests lowered energy could be part of a homeostatic response to the lack of social contact.

Study Finds Rise in Texas Births After Abortion Law. But Questions Remain.

Obesity Can Trigger Lasting Changes in The Brain's Nutrient Response, Study Finds

Women Hunt As Often As Men In Many Hunter-Gatherer Societies—Despite Age-Old Stereotypes, Study Finds

Climate Change Is Making Floods and Landslides More Likely, Study Finds

Pumping Groundwater Has Changed Earth’s Spin, Study Finds

Megalodons Were Warm-Blooded—and It Was a Blessing and a Curse - The giant sharks likely warmed some of their body parts, helping them grow massive but leaving them vulnerable to environmental changes, a new study finds

A Pivotal Human Ancestor Walked With Dinosaurs, Study Finds

Orangutans can make two sounds at the same time, similar to human beatboxing, study finds

Psychopathic individuals struggle to recognize and resonate with the emotion in music, study finds

Some black truffles grown in eastern U.S. may be less valuable lookalike species, study finds

Study finds that the release of endocannabinoids is mediated by postsynaptic synucleins

Study Finds Gentle Cleansers Are Just As Effective in Killing Viruses – Including Coronavirus – As Harsh Soaps

Loss of fossil fuel assets would not impoverish general public, study finds

Even 'safe' air pollution levels can harm the developing brain, study finds