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New Study Confirms A World-First International Migration Of Reef Manta Rays

Real-world data study confirms bivalent mRNA booster vaccines associated with greater short-term protection against symptomatic COVID-19 infections in adults

Rare earth elements are created during neutron star mergers, study confirms.

Pregnancy causes dramatic changes in the brain, study confirms

Pregnancy causes dramatic changes in the brain, study confirms

Study Confirms High Level of Carnivory in Iberian Neanderthals

First-of-Its-Kind Study Confirms Daily Steps Lower Chronic Disease Risk

Large U.S. study confirms that mRNA boosters extend COVID-19 protection but wane over time, strongly supporting need for additional booster

Study confirms that mRNA vaccines protect against serious COVID-19 during pregnancy

New study confirms 'rippled sheet' protein structure predicted in 1953

Water on the moon is present even outside of dark craters, study confirms

A New Study Confirms That Gravity has Remained Constant for the Entire age of the Universe

Lungless Salamanders Develop Lungs as Embryos, New Study Confirms

Best Coffees Come from Selectively Hand-Picked, Sundried Red-Ripe Cherries, Study Confirms

Study confirms lead-in-water causes adverse fetal health outcomes

Fernandina Island Tortoise Is Not Extinct, New Study Confirms

Massive New Study Confirms Being Tall Puts You at Risk of a Bunch of Diseases

After 30 Years, Genetic Study Confirms Sarin Nerve Gas As Cause of Gulf War Illness

Genetic study confirms sarin nerve gas as cause of Gulf War illness

Anatomical study confirms: Harbor seals are good at learning calls