Lists of spacewalks and moonwalks include:

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NASA delays ISS spacewalks indefinitely to investigate spacesuit coolant leak

Astronauts could ditch diapers on spacewalks thanks to new device that lets them drink their pee

NASA Updates Coverage for US Spacewalks 90, 91 Outside Space Station

Space Station and Starliner Crews Perform Advanced Science Ahead of Spacewalks

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This astronaut took 5 spacewalks. Now, he's helping make spacesuits for future ISS crews (exclusive)

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NASA Analyzing Space Station Coolant Leak: Spacewalks Rescheduled

Galactic Glitch: Spacewalks on Hold After ISS Leak

NASA Sets Coverage of Spacewalks, News Conference for Station Upgrades

Prepping for a Starlit Stroll: Astronauts Gear Up for Dual Spacewalks

Spacewalks Ahead: Expedition 69 Astronauts on a Solar Quest

SpaceX Dragon Prepares for Launch: New Solar Arrays and Spacewalks Await

NASA to Provide Briefing, Coverage of Spacewalks for Station Upgrades

NASA Updates Coverage of Roscosmos Spacewalks at Space Station

Spacewalks and Cargo Ships: Space Station Crew Gears Up for a Busy Week in Orbit

Underwater spacewalks recreate the 'moon' in a giant NASA pool (photos)

NASA Plans Coverage of Roscosmos Spacewalks at Space Station

Space Station Crew Prepping Cargo Dragon for Departure Ahead of Spacewalks