Space Program

A computer program is a sequence or set of instructions in a programming language for a computer to execute.

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There's a new space race with China. China’s space efforts continue “to mature rapidly and Beijing has devoted significant resources to growing all aspects of its space program,” the Pentagon’s 2023 China Military Power Report reads.

When Rockets Meet Sharks: The Hidden Impacts Of The Brazilian Space Program

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Russia's space program is crumbling because of US sanctions and the rise of SpaceX, but it's being replaced by China's rapid growth, leaked US intel says

China ‘Colonizes’ Space with Its First Rice Harvest. The cultivation of food in orbit is part of a larger push by the Chinese space program toward a lunar base.

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Just a friendly PSA that kerbal space program is free on the epic game store this week. Build rockets and figure out how to get to space!

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China’s Out-of-Control Rocket Booster Falls in the Pacific For the fourth time, the country’s space program used a 23-ton launcher that made an uncontrolled re-entry back to Earth.

Kerbal Space Program 2 to launch on early access in February 2023

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