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A hunk of space junk crashed through a Florida man's roof. Who should pay to fix it?

NASA Confirms Where the Space Junk That Hit a Florida House Came From

Object that slammed into Florida home was indeed space junk from ISS, NASA confirms

Space Junk from the International Space Station Struck a Home in Florida

Japanese startup plans to vaporize space junk using ground lasers

Space Junk is Going to be a Problem for Vera Rubin

Colliding space junk makes 'noise' that could be heard from Earth

99% of Space Junk is Undetectable. That Could Change Soon

Simulating a Piece of Space Junk

Satellite companies may be starting to take the fight against space junk seriously

Space Junk Is Polluting Earth's Stratosphere with Vaporized Metal

Burned-up space junk pollutes Earth's upper atmosphere, NASA planes find

Space Junk Is Invisibly Polluting Earth, And We Only Just Found Out

It’s Time to Start Worrying About Space Junk Around the Moon, Too

First-Ever Fine Issued Over Space Junk

US issues first ever fine for space junk to Dish Network

In a first-ever for space junk, Dish Network was fined $150,000 for leaving a retired satellite to orbit indefinitely in the wrong place

FAA proposes rule to reduce space junk in Earth orbit