Space Industry

The San Fernando Valley, known locally as the Valley, is an urbanized valley in Los Angeles County, California.

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Japan creates multibillion-dollar space strategic fund to boost space industry

'Self-eating' rocket could help UK take a big bite of space industry

I made a site to help you find your dream job in the Space industry!

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The space industry's looming workforce problem

NRO director says commercial space industry helps fuel the spy satellite agency’s ambitious goals

Using their public directory I compiled a list of all YC funded space industry startups.

Space industry deploying more satellites that deliver sharper images

Virgin Orbit’s Failed Launch a Setback for U.K.’s Space Industry

These astronauts are getting their medical training from playing video games. The space industry is turning to Level Ex, a company that has gamified virtual medical training, to prepare astronauts for long journeys into space.

With engines imported from Russia and a first stage from Ukraine, Antares, which helps resupply ISS, was immediately at risk from the Russian invasion. The rest of the international space industry, dominated by the same giants actively or passively involved in the war, is also feeling huge impacts.

Fusion robots at work in the UK space industry

I made a reverse job board for the Space industry to share your interest in space with space companies looking to hire

This Young Entrepreneur Is Fueling The Space Industry By Building Celestial Gas Stations

India seeks greater share of satellite launch market amid isolation of Russia’s space industry

Vladimir Putin mobilises Russia's space industry too

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Former astronauts and space industry leaders weigh in on fall of Roe v. Wade and abortion access

Sanctions and Satellites: The Space Industry After the Russo-Ukrainian War