This Soviet scientist showed how the sun shapes human politics and was sentenced by Stalin to the gulag for his ideas

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The saga of Buran — the Soviet Spaceplane — is so murky that even the director of Roscosmos "Tried to buy it, but I haven’t been able to figure out who owns it.” A Kazakh Billionaire claims custody, and he's willing to make a trade — but only for the skull of Kazakhstan’s last Khan.

Soviet Union: History, leaders and legacy

Soviet-era space shuttle carrier aircraft destroyed in Russian attack on Ukraine

50 years ago, a forgotten Soviet mission landed on Mars, kicking off a half-century of robotic Mars exploration.

There are reports, that Russia has conducted an Anti-satellite (#ASAT) weapons test. Target was an old Soviet Tselina-D SIGINT satellite called Kosmos-1408 (1982-092A) launched in 1982, which has been dead for decades. 14 debris objects have been tracked.

Russian and Soviet space stations throughout history

Born on this day, Tsiolkovsky was one of the fathers of rocketry and astronautics. His ideas for the future of humanity in space were ahead of his time, and his work served as the foundation for the Soviet space program, paving the way for human space flight.

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Cosmism: Russia's religion for the rocket age. Nikolai Fyodorov's beliefs in a cosmic religion centred on life off Earth helped inspire some of the Soviet Union's most brilliant engineers.

Buran: The soviet space shuttle sucess story. I really like the design of this website and the use of interactive elements.